Installation costs

Below is a detailed guide on set prices which are exclusive of vat .  Each intallation is tailored to each individual customers need.  A full site survey can be carried out for free, with no obligation, to detail exact costings.  A standard 12 month guarantee is included on all items, although you can expect your aerial to last a minimum of 15 years. 

Aerial Installations

  • Digital Aerial installed using existing fixings and components- £65 This service is rarely installed by Empire Aerials Ltd due to the fact that this is a quick fix that usually requires further attention (this service is what normally entices customers for the larger rip off style companies due to the attractive price, but in reality turns out to be much more expensive in the long run).  I have included this just to compete with them.
  • Digital Aerial installed with new fixings and mast with new digital certified cabling to 1 tv location- £165
  • Mast head amplifiers to compensate for areas with low signal- £55.
  • Additional TV points-£55 each.
  • Tv sockets/outlets-£10 each.
  • Tuning of TVs/Existing equipment- £Free.
  • FM Aerial installation- Add £55.
  • DAB Aerial installation- Add £55.

Sky/Freesat Satellite Installations

Why let Sky make your home look awful with their contractor style thrown in cables.

  • Zone 1/2 Sky/Freesat satellite dish installation to 1 point- £155.
  • Additional Sky/freesat points- £55 each.
  • Sky/Freesat sockets/outlets-£10 each. 

Foreign Satellite installation

There are many types and varients of foreign satellite.  With thousands of free to view channels and also thousands of subscribtion channels.  Please contact us for a competative quote tailored to your needs and budget.


Motorized Satellite installation

The ultimate in exploring satellite channels whether it be free to air or subscription. 

Empire Aerials Ltd PROMISES to beat any like for like quotation from any Aerial company within the UK.  We are confident that our installations are the best money can buy.  We are not greedy installers, just expert, honest, experienced installers that you can trust with 24hr customer support/back up.  Call us on 0800 8247038, you have nothing to lose.

Installation costs continued

Motorized Satellite installation

The ultimate in exploring satellite channels whether it be free to air or subscription.  This service is for satellite enthusiasts.   As a minimum this service will cost £480, which includes installation of components and a standard receiver.  A full site survey is required for specific requirements.


Multi LNB satellite installations

Similar to motorized installation howether more specific and tailored to each installation.  Price start from £380 including standard receiver.

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